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     The Fairbanks Watercolor Society is a not-for-profit affiliate of the Fairbanks Arts Association, and actively works to promote the role of watercolor and visual arts in Interior Alaska.  Activities and events are undertaken with the objective of providing a variety of opportunities for members and the general public to learn, experience, and benefit from the visual arts, thereby enhancing the quality of life in our community.

     The Fairbanks Watercolor Society was founded in 1988 with a few painters and evolved to our current 119 members.  While the Fairbanks Watercolor Society fosters the growth of new artists, it is home to many established artists, some of whom have local galleries, many of whom are national artists and some of whom are international artists.  We currently have one annual art show, with the 2018 show scheduled in March at Well Street Art Company, and the Pioneer Art Walk in September. .


     To provide an organization open to any person or group in the interior of Alaska interested in watercolor painting by providing an opportunity for members to:

  • Learn more about the process of water media painting

  • Exhibit their artwork

  • Paint together in an atmosphere of friendly critique

  • Advance the appreciation of watercolor painting in interior Alaska.